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Our stone doesn't come from a factory...

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Scenes from a typical sub-division Saturday:
"Say, Bill, where did you ever find the idea for that cement paver patio?"
"Well, Tom, I found it on page 16 of the paver catalog idea manual."
"Yep! All we had to do was choose between a square or a rectangle!"
"Well I'll be! It looks just like mine...except you went for the grayish-brown pieces, and we used the brownish-gray. My paver guy designed the colors AND the rectangle for us...."
"Well...(chuckles) You know us, Bill. We wanted something different. (More laughs) Hey how bout another generic lite beer?...(fade out)

No thanks, Bill. Life's too short for manufactured stone or cheap beer. At AmazingTree we are honored and proud to feature natural stone on nearly all of our landscape design projects. Flagging from New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Arkansas gives our walkways, steps and patios an artistic and unique warmth, combined with proven durability. Fieldstone from every corner of the U.S. and beyond makes our handcrafted walls and risers stand a league above the trendy cement blocks that tarnish many an otherwise beautiful home. And in the garden, natural character stone blends in seamlessly with custom walls, steps, patios and walkways. For some clients the use of natural clay brick or clay paver can add a formal or charming "cottage" look when combined with wildflowers and "old fashioned" shrubbery. Compare the beauty of REAL stone to anything from a factory and your choice is obvious...Get Real! 

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