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Some Love from our Wonderful Clients!

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Built a beautiful patio, fire pit and wall as part of a gorgeous comprehensive landscape design.

A new backyard! Matt is a real pleasure to work with! He's responsive, honest, earnest, helpful, smart, and intuitive! He designed a plan that expressed our vision better than we imagined. Amazing Tree built a real showpiece hardscape in no time, making sure to ensure fine quality meanwhile! We're excited to begin phase 2 of our project asap and love working with Amazing Tree. It's really nice to be able to trust Matt and the crew so much and know we're in capable, caring hands. We love them and know they will be handling all our outdoor needs!

-Happy Client

We needed a complete overhaul for our property, including hardscape, landscape and lighting. We started the process of selecting someone to do our job by contacting 4 local landscaping firms to get estimates. We described to all of them, in general terms without price ranges, the changes we wanted to make and the overall feeling and look we wanted to achieve. Three of them came back with plans that simply filled our existing beds with various plants and made slight modifications to the hardscape. Nothing original or creative. Nothing that seemed to really take into account our description of the outcome we were looking for, or the existing characteristics of our home and property. Amazing Tree, on the other hand, did. Matt listened to what we said, asked questions and even suggested we send him pictures of plants or landscapes we liked. He then came up with a design that enhanced what we already had, by adding and/or taking away aspects where needed, to come up with an overall design that absolutely achieved our desired outcome.

Having felt comfortable with Matt personally and impressed with his design we decided to go forward. His detailed drawing and proposal made all the components and associated costs of the job clear. We were able to discuss questions and make changes easily as he was always available through email and text to discuss. We worked through all the details and, relatively quickly, came to a final agreement on design, components, and costs. One important note, at no point did Matt ever come off like a salesmen. He felt like an advisor; understanding what we wanted to get out of this whole project and doing everything he could to help us achieve the outcome we were looking for. Matt and his team were able to get started quickly, within a week or two, and quoted us two weeks to complete the work. While my wife and I both work, and were unable to be home most of the time, we know that Matt was on our property most days, both working himself and managing his team. He seemed to take a real hands on approach to the job, which we both liked. Through the two week work period, we were in constant contact with him. He answered our questions and addressed any concerns that popped up along the way. He also asked us questions when something would come up on his end to make sure we were ok with whatever he was doing. In short, the communication between us was fantastic. There were no surprises, on either end, all along the way.


The end result of the work that was done by Matt and his team was phenomenal. Specifically, his stone cutters did amazing work, including fixing and amending a front paver walkway, adding a small natural stone walkway, and, to top it all off, turning a plain existing back patio, with old pavers, that was falling apart into an extraordinary bluestone creation (see attached before and after pics). The landscape work was just as good. Matt created beds that flowed together and incorporated existing aspects of the property. He made changes to plant placement from the original design based on what he saw as he was there placing each individual component, without sacrificing the general look we agreed on. And, he made sure to take into account any existing plants that we wanted to keep and incorporate them into his plan. Lastly, the landscape lighting was just the icing on the cake. We left it all up to him and it turned out simply beautiful. All in all, we could not be happier. The team worked fast and efficient and left our property clean and looking spectacular. We would highly recommend Amazing Tree for any of your landscape needs!

-Happy Client

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