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What can you picture in your little Oasis? Can a Landscape Artist craft your vision into Reality?

First - a CONVERSATION - HOW can we help YOU?

Hopefully you and (if there is one) a significant other are on the same page. A good designer can find that happy medium…if there is one! We’ll talk about your needs, wants, your “visions” for your property and possibly prioritize them.


A member of the AmazingTree design team will come to your home or building for a no-cost consultation and analysis. It’s helpful if all interested parties are available for this meeting. Our designer will show you an extensive portfolio and actual designs we’ve tuned into landscapes. We’ll continue with our initial conversation about your vision and talk about the possibilities and the realistic costs to get you where you want to go.


If and when you feel Comfortable and Confident that AmazingTree can deliver the landscape design you’ve been waiting to see, just say the word….With your GoodFaith DesignDeposit we can begin the process of creating a Portrait. (At this point we will begin accounting for measurement and design time.)

NOW - the GOOD part

Creating a unique and successful “Landscape Portrait” is now in our capable hands. We have recorded and analyzed the details about your site. We have spoken at length about your vision, your needs, your likes and dislikes. Which views are best from inside and out …which neighbors you want to see less of, and how to make it better for those you want to see more of. Now we are Psyched and we WILL make it happen for you!!!


After we contract your design, your designer begins the process of carefully crafting your Portrait. A beautiful assortment of trees, shrubs, and perennials chosen to suit your conditions, lifestyle and tastes are selected. Decisions on stone, artistically engineered to create your patio, walls, steps, and walkways are made. Landscape Lighting for accent and safety are considered to guide and entice you through your new world. Water features can be added as a focal point or subtle accent to delight your senses. The possibilities are endless!

The portrait is then presented to you in a clear and detailed hand drawn rendering. All aspects of the design are thoroughly and accurately explained, quantified and priced. We provide photos or samples of plants and other materials that will help you tremendously in visualizing our new creation. We make it all crystal clear.

The plan can now be implemented in whole, in part, or in phases. You may also purchase the plan (based on calculated design time) to implement yourself, or to have another contractor install, but after seeing our portfolio and our honest pricing, we usually get the green light. In this case your design deposit and all design fees are applied to construction.

Set a Date with AmazingTree to turn your vision into your Reality! 

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