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Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Cafe in Autumn
Blue Stairway
Two Flamingos
Old City Street
River Boathouse

" In the right light... everything is extraordinary"
Aaron Rose

All through the long day, the sun reflects warmth and light back to our eyes, but as the day gets long, and the sun retreats, a magical world awaits you… if you could only see ! Wondrous shadows, silhouettes, and subtle nooks and shapes appear in the evening glow... 

The art of landscape lighting not only adds hours of enjoyment to your outdoor world, but a welcoming, assuring sense of safety and security. Pathways and steps, once challenging, are now beckoning and delighting you on a "moonlit" stroll. Steps become easy to navigate with packages, or friends…No garish floodlights, or blinding spots, just subtle, warm light, provided automatically at sunset. 

With the proper and creative use of quality fixtures the plants and architecture of your home and property will come alive at night. Majestic trunks of trees…stonework…doorways can be dramatic additions you never realized were there, waiting to be displayed. 

We feature state of the art, high quality bronze fixtures, as subtle or ornate as you wish, and power them with multi zone, low voltage transformers. No special wiring or permits required. Simple, efficient and worry free equipment and years of delight is what we design and install for you. AmazingTree can design low voltage lighting for your existing landscape or incorporate it into your new design. 

Thousands of homes have landscape lighting, and a lot of it looks pretty bad, no doubt. But not yours. You deserve better and we design and install the Best for our clients. Contact us today to find out how TONIGHT can be better for you!

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